4-15 September 2019

Traditional Tango classes along with Contact Tango, Stiletto Detox/Feet-ness, Pilates for Tango dancers, private sessions and more ..... all with my ‘special twist’ of course! 

Summer Special @ Nueva Milongueras and El Bajo [Hamburg- Germany]

More details soon.



Last April we were introduced to the foot's amazing  anatomy and that elusive subtalar heel joint by the  superb Glenna Batson. For the summer   I have invited equally superb Liz Koch to connect our feet to our core: whether you are on high heels or bare footed, you need to deal with how you carry your upper body weight at each single stride!

In the last 5 years I was able to join core awareness extraordinaire & psoas veteran Liz Koch for several of her workshops.

Working with Liz has supported the way I can source balance and integrity in my everyday activities and in dance because my psoas (the connection between spine and legs) keeps on gently reminding me to be 'core aware'!! The result is that my various injuries are unravelling, tissues slowly changing from dense and taut to soft and resiliant. With her immense generosity and curiousity, we also collaborated on 2 workshops [October 2015 & July 2016] on connecting the core to the upper and lower body, where we playfully tickled each other expertise and offered a space to be 'core aware' whilst moving & dancing.  This year we will focus on working from the core all the way down to our feet. See below!


TUESDAY 11 July 2017

19.00 - 22.00

with Liz Koch & Adriana Pegorer

"Sharing the core"

We  invite you to join us for this explorative and playful evening where Liz and I will offer you ways

to access self-regulating feedback loops which can change the way you stand and move on your own

and in relation to another person. Our hope is that this will inspire you to start or continue to improve your somatic awareness journey within a thriving & expressive core.

We will focus on how the practice of 'core sharing' can enrich, nourish and

self regulate our daily movement & practice. The emphasis is not only on how we can balance on two legs

but also how we can balance on one leg and with another person!

This skilful practices happens all the time when we walk, dance or when we tango

Support and stability will be safely challenged in solo and duet work by cultivating a responsive, resiliant core.

Suitable for dancers, movers, therapists and all the curiously somatic people.

Everybody welcome!

Please note: as usual we will give some time at the end to assimilate the work (min 15 minutes)

19.00-22.00      in Studio 1

at The Place / London Contemporary Dance School

16 Flaxman Terrace London WC1H 9AT 

nearest tubes: Euston or King's Cross


Fully waged: £45

Part-time waged / Independent artist: £35

Unemployed/Full-time Student: £25

Liz Koch is an international somatic educator, and creator of Core Awareness ™. 

Having worked with the psoas for almost four decades, Liz believes the core can be neutral

whilst pursuing any activity from ballet, tango, contemporary dance, etc... to sitting, standing and walking.

Only within this neutrality the psoas can fully and truly express its resiliency, coherency and maturity:

“It is by continually returning to sensory awareness within the core and aligning

with gravity that inner coherency (true strength) manifests".

[Core Awareness: enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercises and Dance]

My own study and practice of the Small Dance (Contact Improvisation) has allowed me to delve into the

mini-micro-itsy-bitsy shifts occuring during the ever present balancing act on one or two legs:

“Standing still is not actually still. Balancing on two legs demonstrates to the dancer's body that one moves with gravity. Always. It is a meditation. It is watching the reflexes at work.... This simple practice was preparation to the complex interaction that would arise with a partner....”.

[Steve Paxton in Fall after Newton at 5:05 minutes]


I first met Glenna Batso during the MOVING PERCEPTIONS project in 2012 and from then on I was hooked!  Glenna's many years of internship with Irene Dowd, her decades of teaching Alexander Technique and her recent collaborations with dance artist Susan Sentler make her a really super special guest!

Come and join us for an evening embedded in friendship, learning, curiosity and humour!      Adriana


special workshop

Friday 28th April    7.15-9.15 PM

in The Artist's Room

@ The Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square

London WC1R 4RL

PHOTO: Gary Lam

Your feet are inroads to total body freedom and balance.

Come join me in an embodied approach to learning about your feet.

We'll work with touch, movement exploration,

and imagery to uncover the foot's extraordinary anatomy.

Discover new spaces in the joints and connective tissue for full body support. Experience buoyancy and balance, whether on bare feet or heels. 

All welcome!

Glenna Batson  has taught somatic approaches to experiential anatomy for 38 years in multiple venues, both nationally and internationally.

Her work is an integration of Alexander Technique, Ideokinesis,

dance, and human movement science.

She is delighted to collaborate with Adriana Pegorer in this workshop,

one that promises a truly moving experience.

Copyright © ADRIANA PEGORER  2016.  All rights reserved


With 26 bones,  33 joints

and well over 100 muscles,

our feet are incredibly sophisticated

in their function.

Stiletto Detox is  about  offering

accessible, effective and progressive  support 

to people who wear high heels

for work and  social occasions

and to people who want to look after their feet.

We  worked with  dancers, sales assistants, secretaries, tennis players, runners, flight attendants, models, actors and soon we hope, 

with  you!


T.  ++44  07974 619 570




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