"People have feet. Trees have roots."

Buckminster Fuller

Special Seminars for Organizations

These SEMINARS are tailored for Organizations that employ people who need to wear high heels to comply with their contract.

With experience in delivering  professional movement   workshops in the public and private sectors, we are  looking forward to offer to your employees  the tools to  thrive at any height!

Please contact us with your  needs at

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With 26 bones,  33 joints

and well over 100 muscles,

our feet are incredibly sophisticated

in their function.

Stiletto Detox is  about  offering

accessible, effective and progressive  support 

to people who wear high heels

for work and  social occasions

and to people who want to look after their feet.

We  worked with  dancers, sales assistants, secretaries, tennis players, runners, flight attendants, models, actors and soon we hope, 

with  you!


T.  ++44  07974 619 570




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