“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art"

Leonardo da Vinci

About me - Adriana Pegorer

I have danced professionally and socially on high heels for almost two decades. After many years of coping with several injuries and seeking the advice of various experts, I have  learnt quite a few strategies in how to survive and thrive on those beautiful heights!   




         The feedback and results from sharing my tactics during  dance workshops  over the years have prompted me to start  Stiletto Detox to focus on all things related to   the feet and beyond:  our body is interconnected on so many  multiple levels!

My approach is influenced by many incredible somatic pioneers, including Mabel Todd, Irene Dowd, Ida Rolf and Emilie Conrad. The approaches of some techniques such as the Feldenkrais Method, Skinner Releasing Technique and Anatomy Trains also inform my work. 

Some of those techniques I have studied as part of my BA in Dance & Related Arts   at the Chichester University (1998-2001) or have been and still are part of  my own professional development.

A critical time for me was studying intensively with Japanese Butoh  Master Masaki Iwana (2001-2005). Ongoing professional development include studying with  American Somatic  Pioneer Liz Koch (2011-current). I am particularly grateful to Glenna Batson for her continuos support in helping me understand the practice of    Ideokinesis.

I am a qualified Pilates Matwork Teacher (2007) and Fascial Fitness Trainer  (2014).

You can also  find me dancing and teaching  Contact Improvisation, Tango Argentino and Contact Tango  in the UK and abroad. My schedule can be seen here

You can view my work on high heels in this award winning dance film.

"....In the beginning of 'Double One' we can only see small traces in the sand in close up and the feet are shown briefly and in rapid succession, as if those traces were fragments of the psyche. Later, medium shots allow the spectator to discern the patterns as an integral design. The feet represent the conscious side of the psyche, and the sand represents the unconscious. 

It is crucial to acknowledge the concept of the two opposite forces of the conscious and the unconscious because Jung strongly believed that the tension between two forces was necessary to produce energy. This transmutation can be considered a ritual, marking a moment of transition from one condition to another....... 'Syzygy' was the term applied by Jung when relating to "the complementary functioning of otherwise opposing elements".

by Adriana Pegorer [2001]

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With 26 bones,  33 joints

and well over 100 muscles,

our feet are incredibly sophisticated

in their function.

Stiletto Detox is  about  offering

accessible, effective and progressive  support 

to people who wear high heels

for work and  social occasions

and to people who want to look after their feet.

We  worked with  dancers, sales assistants, secretaries, tennis players, runners, flight attendants, models, actors and soon we hope, 

with  you!

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