“Balance in the body begins with feet... Every imbalance at higher levels

shows unmistakenably in feet and ankles" [Ida Rolf]



Just take off your coat and shoes and you are ready to go! This class will introduce you to exercises performed in a standing and sitting position, sometimes with the aid of a small complimentary ball.

You will feel more balanced and your feet will feel more grounded.

Ideal for anybody working on and with their feet (runners, sale assistants, dancers....etc).




Special workshop

with Liz Koch & Adriana Pegorer


Tuesday 11th of July 2017

@ The Place [London]


After two decades of dancing on high heels and coping with various injuries,

I compiled a series of experiential movement exercises to prevent, deal with and recover from the consequences of wearing high heels

or of standing, running, dancing for long hours.


These exercises I would normally share as part of my teaching and have increasingly taken more and more space ....






With 26 bones, 28 joints [toes only have 14!]

and well over 100 muscles our feet are

incredibly sophisticated in their function.


Stiletto Detox is about offering

accessible, effective and progressive support

to people who wear high heels

for work and social occasions

and to people who want to look after their feet.


We worked with dancers, sales assistants, secretaries, tennis players, runners, flight attendants, models, actors and soon we hope,

with you!




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E. info@stilettodetox.com

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